The NUOC Mission

"Man needs nature. Man has been increasingly divorcing him-self from nature.
Urban living creates pressures that increase man's need for nature. University life and academic work add to these pressures. The Outing Club provides relief. The Outing Club is dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of nature. Outing Club returns to nature and leaves it a little better...and it's fun."

- decided somewhere around 1971 or 1972.

Adventures in Images

As a club, NUOC has traversed over vast areas of the continental United States from the mosqwuicho-riden ice flats of Alaska, up and down the Southern Appalachian Trail in North Carolina to the red sand majesty of Big Bend National Park of Texas.

Big Bend National Park

Spring Break '16

Natahala National Forest

Spring Break '17

Canyonlands National Park

Spring Break '18


Important events in our timeline

  • November 1965

    Our Humble Beginnings

    67 Northwestern students and some faculty members met at a residence in Judson Street to officially start the Northwestern University Outing Club.

  • 1981

    Rumoured Alaska Trip

    Little evidence remains of this historic trip when NUOC visited Alaska - suffice it to say it goes down as one of the grandest adventures undertaken by the club.

  • 1987/88

    Of vital importance

    "We believe the Outing Club plays a vital role on campus, in spite of our relative obscurity. The privilege of getting away from campus for a weekend in the middle of a difficult quarter to find relief from the academics and the city's fast pace is appreciated beyond description be those who take advantage of the opportunity."
    - then President C. Havighurst

  • 2007

    A New Chapter

    NUOC opens a new chapter in its history, recording notes of its travels after a 26 year absence of any trip logs.

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Our Amazing Team

Meet the folks that run the club today.

Saif Bhatti


Vasilia Kavadas

Vice President

Sofia Schillace

Trip Leader

Charlie Collar

Trip Leader

Henry Alford

Trip Leader

Israel Ridley

Trip Leader

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